To reach the goal of providing Tennessee’s first-ever restoration home, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and sacrifice – and we can’t do it alone. We are looking for passionate partners to come alongside us to provide for, advocate for and pray for the restoration and healing of minors.


Financial gifts will fund the program and needs of those who will live in the 7th Well Home. For these girls whose possessions are often wrapped into the trafficking system, your gift will provide for their medical and educational needs and will ensure they have access to top-notch therapy and facilities as well as dedicated 7th Well staff who can support them. 7th Well has a 501c-3 (tax exempt) status through the Generosity Trust of Chattanooga where we have an alpha fund. Our board of directors ensures all finances are in order and managed properly to benefit the organization and victims.

There are 3 ways to give:

  1. Become an automatic monthly partner- When you become a monthly partner, a specific amount of your choice will be withdrawn from a checking account, savings account or credit card.

  2. One time gift - This is a one-time, non reoccurring gift of any amount.

  3. Reoccurring - If you choose not to give monthly but would like to set up a reoccurring donation, you can setup your account to give whenever and however much you want.

You can also help meet immediate, basic needs for girls who are rescued by sponsoring an item for a "hope bag". Visit the Hope Bags tab to learn more.

If you are a donor interested in giving directly to the 7th Well Restoration Home please visit where we are financially in the project HERE

All donations will be tax-deductible and have a receipt sent to donor.

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